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Originally Posted by bistander View Post
Even though I quoted Markoul, this is addressed to the OP, dyetalon. Please do believe what Mr. Markoul says about me in the paragraph quoted below. It is untrue. I do not have a motive to "disprove the ferrocell". In fact, I like the ferrocell. I want to better understand it. I have done much reading and studying with regards to ferrocells, finding Michael Synder's papers most informative.

I do take issue with some of the conclusions that Markoul claims as proof. I've asked him several questions and requested he show some data he claims he has. I suspect this is the reason he ridicules me and tells these untruths about me.

Be assured, I am not here to cause trouble or for the sake of argument. I am here to learn and share. I have an extensive background in electric machinery and magnetics.

With respect,

Markoul is very passionate about his beliefs and theories. He's experimented with many Ferrocells. I've made a few custom units for his special RF research.
He's a university instructor in physics and an accomplished scientist (like Michael Snyder) with a formal education, degrees and many published papers on the cell.
Have a little respect for his efforts and hard work in this field.
It's not his hobby.

I think its a little frustrating when I try and explain things I have learned or observed and get an argument back. I understand his responses, and I'm not a teacher.

We're just a bunch of nuts from all over the world trying to understand and explain something that has been a subject of argument for centuries.

Don't take this stuff too seriously- we are all going the same way, we're just on different paths...not unlike domains

I welcome your comments (even if I don't agree with them). Ya gotta dig to find answers and ya can't dig without getting dirty.

I'd like to add one more comment:
Some of the stuff Michael, Markgoul and I work with is 'classified' and we've all signed documents that could get us in a lot of trouble legally if we say something we're not allowed to. That's the way it works in the Sci-Industry sector. No leaks.

In other words, there is a lot of stuff we can't say.

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