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Originally Posted by Ufopolitics View Post
Sorry about the motors interruption Dyetalon...but it was Bistander's fault...

One important issue about ferrofluid - ferrimagnetic that:

Electrons are also Bi-Directional...

Photons are also Bi - Directional...

This above facts explain the CRT behavior, basically when in 3 e-guns (RGB)...They all split to form the dual Hyperbolas in a magnetic field.

Also, how light (photons) can also DIVERGE as Ferrolens Nano particles do, to show a clear image of the Dipolar Magnetic Fields.

My two pennies worth...


Well, your two pennies have matured into a couple of hundred bucks!

I agree with the CRT thing. I was putting magnets on Sony CRT's back in the 90's. When I saw the first dipole field using a Ferrocell, that's when I remembered where I had seen that image before. But, the field looks 90 degrees offset between the CRT images and Ferrocell images. A cylinder magnet on the CRT has one pole on the glass, but the magnet under the cell has each pole visible (sideways).
See pix:
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