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Originally Posted by dyetalon View Post
I don't want to speak for Markoul, but we haven't used iron filings as a model to build magnetic devices but to try and understand how a magnet works.

The Ferrocell isn't a replacement for iron filings, but another method of seeing the effects of magnetism on matter. Now we can view from zero (parallel-iron filings) to 90 deg (perpendicular-cell). It's just a different point of view.

The filings show us what the greatest potential of the field looks like and the ferrolens shows us the least potential.
Now that sounds much much more acceptable than blatantly attacking the filings experiment.. like its all wrong.. this is what I'm trying to point out to markoul and ufo..
They might show different geometry but it doesn't mean one is lying, it simply show how complex magnetism is, I do believe there is more than what the filings show, and so is the ferrolens, people should build models that comply to both experiment depictions..

I'm really amazed by that last video I posted by brian (prism like arrangement), I never really imagined the light would depict the classical model of magnetism by that experiment. I keep watching it..
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