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Originally Posted by bistander View Post
Hi dyetalon,

...I was referring the the classic "model", like expressed by FEMM.

Don't forget FEMM is a program. And a program will generate whatever algorithm it was written with.
You could program the computer to generate anything (look at movie special effects).

Here's a bad story.
About 10 years ago I came up with a new idea for an electric motor.
I made a great running prototype and began looking for investors.
Ended up with a bunch of patents and many demonstrations of this new method of spinning a rotor to government, businesses and manufacturers.

When it came time to up-scale the thing to high horsepower, I needed an engineer with the brains to make it so (sorry, but I'm not that smart).
Well, seems there are no computer simulation programs that can be configured to duplicate my field patterns in the arrangement I use.

Why? Because I got my ideas from viewing thru a cell.

No computers, no up-scale. We 'winged it' and made a 10 hp, but its efficiency is lagging behind the small prototype.

Moral of the story?
It would cost lots and lots of $$$ and many programming hours to re-design a FEMM program from its primary functions and to describe (visually) from a different set of rules.
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