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Originally Posted by Ufopolitics View Post
Sorry but I needed that paragraph go over it and explain the way I see this...

And then again...I am trying to put it as simple as I possibly could...

Iron Filings which is a mixture of any kind of Fe...except purely LINEAR & DIRECTIONAL, therefore, this is the reason why their alignment to Magnetic Fields "interprets" the One Way Spin Direction, which both poles have...except they do it in a LINEAR-DIRECTIONAL FASHION.

Ferrofluids, since they are Bi-directional, have the "ability" to SPLIT DIFFERENTLY for each pole, following each of their centrifugal/emanating directions which are opposed from the center and outwards into Space, following their spatial path all the way to their discharge zone, the center of the magnet.

Iron Filings directional alignment positions them between the two higher potential of the Field, the poles...completely ignoring the center discharge zone...since they can not "split-bidirectionally".

Now, Bistander cited an interesting quote from wikipedia:

Globally uncompensated?, yes, of course...We have been guided for over 200 years based on the same "directional interpretation" scheme from ferromagnetism...and all the sudden a new "splitting bi-directional interpretation" from completely understood we believe this duality of interpretation is "uncompensated"...since it is following "different directions"...don't you think?

Anyways, Timm...if by any means you believe I am going off topic above, please let me know and I will delete it, and pass it to other Thread.

Last thing I want to to disrupt your excellent thread here.


You have to remember that I'm generalizing here. The process is much more complex than just bi-directionality, but it's a good starting point for further discussion.

And you are not off topic by any means. I started this thread to talk about the cell and what it shows. Someone may find something I've overlooked, didn't understand or just plain got it wrong.

I'll try and explain what I (and a few others) have theorized what the primary functions are.

I love the feedback.
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