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We needed this clarifications

Originally Posted by dyetalon View Post
I think we should discuss the difference between ferromagnetism and ferrimagnetism. Maybe this will help understand whats going on in the cell.

Here's the ordering in different materials and a link:

What I first notice is the ordering of a ferromagnetic material (All Fe except Fe3O4) is linear in one direction only (iron filings), but the ferrimagnetic material is bi-directional (ferrofluid). There is a major difference in how the light reacts in these two different modes. Bi-directionality has the proper vectors to provide cancellation, where uni-directional materials do not.

This is what I refer to when I speak of phase cancellation (N minus S) occurring in the cell. If we graph a magnetic field, we obtain a peak at positive maximum (North) and a peak at negative maximum (South).
It actually resembles a sine-wave (as seen on an oscilloscope). If we break this down into math, we get +180 degrees and -180 degrees.

What happens if you add these two together?
Oh Dyetalon!...Real Wisdom about Magnetism...and Ferrocells...God Bless You my Friend!!!

Yes, I believe for the first time I agree with Bistander......about the great benefit to have you here with all of is a GREAT HONOR!!

Your paragraph above, which I bold out and specifically the underlined sentences...Oh man...that is the very key to understanding!!!

And thanks to that paragraph above...I finally realize...then conceive the whole thing...the whole view...the whole everything...

It is very clear...and forgive me, but IMHO, I believe it is not only about the way light reacts with the two different materials (one way directional versus bi-directional)...but basically how they both react completely different to the Magnetic Field.

Please correct me if I am wrong.


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