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Originally Posted by Markoul View Post
I think we should discuss the difference between ferromagnetism and ferrimagnetism. Maybe this will help understand whats going on in the cell.

Here's the ordering in different materials and a link:

What I first notice is the ordering of a ferromagnetic material (All Fe except Fe3O4) is linear in one direction only (iron filings), but the ferrimagnetic material is bi-directional (ferrofluid). There is a major difference in how the light reacts in these two different modes. Bi-directionality has the proper vectors to provide cancellation, where uni-directional materials do not.

This is what I refer to when I speak of phase cancellation (N minus S) occurring in the cell. If we graph a magnetic field, we obtain a peak at positive maximum (North) and a peak at negative maximum (South).
It actually resembles a sine-wave (as seen on an oscilloscope). If we break this down into math, we get +180 degrees and -180 degrees.

What happens if you add these two together?
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