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Originally Posted by mikrovolt View Post
YES ! That's what I was looking for. Good old VBcode.
Thanks mikrovolt. This will make life easier.

And in response to ricards post on Kens thread:
A ferrofluid in sandwiched in a glass with lights below.. but this time..
It should have a SLOT in the middle of it for a magnet to go through..
Here's a cell I built for Michael Snyder 10 years ago when he was writing his Undergraduate Thesis on the cell for his Masters degree:

He put a cylinder magnet in the center (wrapped with black cloth) and took a series of pix, this being one of them:

Ring of 36 RGB LEDs around the edge of the cell.
I'll ask him if he made any videos of the magnet moving thru the cell center.
Back then, LEDs weren't very bright so the lines are not as clear like a modern cell displays.
Oh, it was a real b*tch getting the center area sealed!

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