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Originally Posted by Kokomoj0 View Post
Well I treat it as BS. lol

I already explained to you there are no discharges!

I can only imagine that what you really mean is counter EMF when the source is removed and the magnetic field collapses causing 'counter EMF'

and your circuit with your coil is no different than using a resistor!

This is the electrical equivalent of your circuit, first one with an inductor the other capturing the discharge from the resistor. lol


SPICE Model Coil:
Click the link then Click the Start Switch


SPICE Model Resistor:
Click the link then Click the Start Switch

Both spice models you can play give you the same results LOL

I didnt make this for you, it wont do you any good, I made it for everyone else.
Having a hard time modeling my circuit on SPICE?..
reason why you replaced the components?..
well I don't really wonder.. programs are made to do specific configurations only.. (take that from someone who makes programs as part of his day job).

I say build the circuit as I prescribed. with a transistor and reed switch.. DON't change anything.. or you will not see what I saw and will not conclude what I did..

is it really that hard?.. these are basic parts.. pretty small and inexpensive.. most everyone can get.. this isn't some big project.. just proof of concepts experiments..
you won't even need an oscilloscope to tell if the circuit is oscillating.. because you can hear the reed switch ticking real fast, indicating it's turning on and off..

it's never too late to open your mind...
winning arguments is one thing.. but is the least important to scientific people..

build it or not..
It's always your loss, not mine.
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