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Originally Posted by ricards View Post

I'd like to take the discussion here,

really the problem is that closed mind of yours,
Let me ask..

do you know the BEST way to capture inductive discharges?.. clearly no.. and you might not have been doing basic experiments in this area..
SIMPLE.. because your closed minded..

you are not capturing the Inductive discharges correctly..
and that is what I mean it's incorrect..
the moment the circuit is closed the coil current is cut off..
the BEST way to capture that is to have the diode AT THE END of the coil.. and a wire AT THE START of the coil, because technically your coil is now a power source (Temporarily). this is "BASIC" knowledge..

or you can also do it like how I DID it.. have the diode at the ground side of the CAPACITOR going to the start of the coil..

I treat this as a "BASIC" knowledge in this field.. and you don't even know it.. why?.. because your closed minded..

your circuit proposed charge the cap like CRAP!.. not even 1 / 10th of how I capture the inductive discharges..
how do I know?.. I Built it JUST now.. yeah it charges fine.. from a 9v power source.. I could get 1.1v..
using the "BASIC" knowledge gains 20v-23v varies.. it increases from coil mass.. more turns, more mass, more volts...
and now you argue that I have not built correctly?..

I don't wonder.. you might even call me a fraud now..

you might think you know better in this field.. I assure you.. you don't..

prove this to yourself.. Build the "BASIC" that I have stated above..
diagram?.... you can google bedini's circuit.. its all over the internet..

again.. YOU DON'T DICTATE the test..
since I have taken the time to make your circuit..
I guess you could return the favor of building the "BASIC"..
Well I treat it as BS. lol

I already explained to you there are no discharges!

I can only imagine that what you really mean is counter EMF when the source is removed and the magnetic field collapses causing 'counter EMF'

and your circuit with your coil is no different than using a resistor!

This is the electrical equivalent of your circuit, first one with an inductor the other capturing the discharge from the resistor. lol


SPICE Model Coil:
Click the link then Click the Start Switch


SPICE Model Resistor:
Click the link then Click the Start Switch

Both spice models you can play give you the same results LOL

I didnt make this for you, it wont do you any good, I made it for everyone else.

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