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Ferrocell image

Originally Posted by dyetalon View Post
I'm moving the ferrocell discussion here, away from Ken's thread because it's kinda off topic.

Questions, Queries, Posers, Comments?
Hi dyetalon,

Thanks for starting this thread. I'd like to start where you left off in Ufopolitic's thread (about Ken's work).

Originally Posted by dyetalon View Post
I'd like to move this conversation to the General area and leave Kens discussion. I started a new thread there but is not appearing yet.

For now, open your imagination into a situation where two phases cancel out.
That leaves nothing. Now you turn on a light. Then you see the "nothing".

Its the lowest potential. Zero point. The Bloch region.
Please elaborate. What is it?

What do you mean using "Bloch"? All credible references which I can find on Bloch wall, Bloch region, Bloch line, or Bloch point puts the feature on the size scale of domains (micrometer scale) or smaller to the atomic or even subatomic scale.

Then, I have my imagination open and see "nothing". Is that it? How does it apply to the image from the ferrocell?



Edit: for reference on Bloch

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