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And something no one ever talks about is the Fe3O4 (magnetite) used in Hobby-Experimenter grade Ferrofluid (EFH1) is FERRIMAGNETIC not FERROMAGNETIC. Look it up.
Yes that is correct iron oxide like the Fe3O4 usually used in the Ferrocells are ferrimangetic as Timm mentions. I knew that but never mentioned it because this would complicate things even more than they are already in this thread.

Classes of Magnetic Materials

However, the ferrimagnetism is one of the strongest points of the Ferrocell may I add because the neighboring magnetic parallel chains of Fe3O4 nanoparticles formed under the influence of an external magnetic field, due their antipolarity are not magnetically interacting (i.e. by that i mean there is no torque produced between to parallel chains therefore remain parallel) with each other and hold in equilibrium, in contrast we have in the case of ferromagnetic iron fillings which actually deforming the applied magnetic field to a point we see the familiar N-S shortcircuit image field that the iron fillings show.

Therefore when an external magnetic field is applied, because ferrimagnetic property of Fe3O4 nanoparticles neighboring parallel chains inside a Ferrocell and also the single domain behavior (superparamagnetism) of the nanoparticles inside the same chain, Ferrocell is producing minimum interference distortion to the external magnetic field applied and is able to follow correctly without distortion its flux.

Thus, a Ferrocell shows the correct flux of a magnetic field and not iron filings.

No perception tricks no light tricks no tricks.

The image we get from the Ferrocell of a magnetic field IS THE FIELD OF A MAGNET!...or the closest to reality that humans ever achieved in history.


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