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Paul Craig Roberts and Europe

PCR writes that Europe must escape the control of the district of corruption. DC is on a long-term buildup for war with Russia. Europe will be the loser. Part of the problem is; there has been a lot of development to make fission weapons "clean". "They" could bomb the snot out of various enemies and, not create much fallout. PCR makes the mistake of believing that fission weapons are the ultimate destructive force.
I bought Tom Bearden's book.
Oblivion America At the Brink: Thomas E. Bearden: 9780972514620 ...

I also bought,
Secrets of Cold War Technology - Gerry Vassilatos (2000) | Perception ...

Both of these books make it clear that the MIC has gone far beyond fission weapons. Will Pox Americana push too far? Who knows?
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