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Electron and Information.

Electron and Information.
Information is transferred through EM waves.
There isn't EM wave without electron. (H. Lorentz)
''Information is the new atom or electron,
the fundamental building block of the universe ...
We now see the world as entirely made of information:
it's bits all the way down.''
/ Bryan Appleyard /
''It is important to realize that in physics today,
we have no knowledge of what energy is.
We do not have a picture that energy comes
in little blobs of a definite amount. It is not that way.''
/ Richard Feynman about an electron /
Electron is a quantum of information.
Electron is a keeper of information.
An electron has six ( 6 ) formulas:
E=h*f and e^2=ah*c ,
+E=Mc^2 and -E=Mc^2 ,
E=-me^4/2h*^2= -13,6eV and E= ∞ . . . .
and obeys five (5) Laws :
a) The Law of conservation and transformation energy/ mass
b) The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle / Law
c) The Pauli Exclusion Principle/ Law
d) Dirac - Fermi statistic
e) Maxwell / Lorentz EM law
It means in different actions electron must know six different formulas
and must observe five laws. To behave in such different
conditions a single electron itself must be a keeper of information.
Michael Brooks:
'‘ The laws of physics dictate that information, like energy,
cannot be destroyed, which means it must go somewhere.'’
/ Book ‘ The big questions’. Page 195-196. /
It means an electron (as a little blobs of a definite amount of energy)
even in different situations never loses its information.
Please, leave comment:
a) it is nonsense
b) it is doubtful
c) perhaps, it is possible
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