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Gravity picture.

Please, look this picture.
The picture shows gravity-mass bend the universe.
This picture (as effect of gravity) is known in the world
from 1919 when Einstein was ''crown'' as
''the greatest scientist after Newton's time''.
But what is interesting in this picture?
Masses really can change the surface of cosmos, but . . .
but only in local region of the Universe where there is
gravity-masses (like Sun's) as you see in this picture.
(and the gravity-masses in the universe is only about 5%)
Not the whole Universe -net is bend as you see in the picture.
The whole Universe is a flat net - two dimensions continuum,
and the picture shows that gravity is only a local phenomena.
But . . .
But from 1919 people watches and cannot understand
this simple and clear fact of their observation.
How it is a pity . . .
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