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Looking for war and, not finding it

This is a fictional conversation between Xi, Putin and Kim.
Kim, the neocons are looking for any excuse to blow away N.K.
Vlad, their markets are crashing and they are looking for a scapegoat to blame it on.
Xi, Armstrong told me years ago that the war cycle was turning way up.
Kim, so WHAT do I do? I don't want to be the whipping boy and get nuked back to the stone age.
Vald, it's easy. Just do what I told Assad to do. I told him that they are crazy about gas weapons so, get rid of them. He did and, everybody inspected and , were happy. This took the wind out of their sails and bought Assad some time. They had to finally invent fake gas.

Kim, so I just get rid of my nukes,,, and then what? What if they decide to just march in on any pretext?
Xi, I'll make it clear that Korea is in our immediate sphere of influence. No invasion will be tolerated. Kim, you have to integrate with South Korea as quickly as possible. This will deflate their causus beli pretty fast. I'll hold Taiwan as hostage.
Vlad we just get rid of any provocation anywhere in the world,,, besides China and Russia. Besides, America doesn't invade any more. They just stand off and blow things up. They won't find any mercenaries to go into N.K. They won't attack China or Russia because my new weapons and jamming system are too much for them.
We only need to buy some time until their bond market crashes.
Kim, OK, I'll give them anything that they demand. They are going to have a hard time figuring out what their next move is.

China Praises End Of North Korea Nuclear Tests
Kim Says He Is Discontinuing All Nuclear And
Missile Tests - ‘No Need For Additional Tests’
North & South Korea Launch First ‘Leaders
Hotline’ Ahead Of Summit
Stranger All The Time - N Korea Drops Demand
Of US Forces Withdrawal For Denuclearization

And what do the neocons have to say?
WH Privately Sceptical Of NK Nuke-Missile Freeze

Pox Americana (deep State) is absolutely desperate to avoid losing their job and influence to world peace. Russia absorbs off-hand attacks like what happened in Syria where a couple hundred Russians were killed. The deep state is rabidly trying to get any kind of attack going.

Some years ago, Cheney pried loose a nuke-armed cruise missile and sent it on to Iraq,,, obviously to attack American troops. The missile was transported UNDER the wing of a bomber. AGAINST all standing orders. When it arrived at Barksdale AFB, AF intelligence went into full revolt and locked down the plane. Some of the guys who loaded it on the bomb pylons at Minot AFD died in mysterious car accidents. Shortly after thjat, ALL AF personnel were grounded and received explicit instructions about procedures,, and ignoring orders.
If the deep state was willing to nuke American troops, no telling what kind of false flag they have planned to get a war going.

So, who gets nuked next?
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