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As soon as someone understands that ferrocell is totally transparent to the magnetic field of a magnet and shows therefore both poles fields flux simultaneously overlaped and interlaced everything becomes clear.

As I told before, in order to see the correct geometry of the field in a pole you need Brian Kerr's super sensitive ferrocell, hold a strong bar magnet (poles are physically more apart than say a ring magnet) and hold it a couple of cm away from the ferrocell so tha the field of the opposite pole don't gets induced in the ferrocell and only the field of one pole get's induced in the ferrocell. Also holding the pole of the magnet on an angle facing down the ferrocell and not vertically above the ferrocell, helps.

Then interlacing and overlapping effect of the two poles on the ferrocell goes away and you will experience the true field on one pole of a magnet.

As I showed before it is like a rolled-in slinky toroid shaped.
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