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Originally Posted by Fessor View Post
Hi Ufo,

I am baffled to see whats happen at 0:36, as the magnets are placed vertically, and he twist the magnets around, the field shown in the ferrocell do not follow the physical twist. This to me, shows that the magnet is creating a field, thats somehow is not bound to the physical material.
Hello Fessor,

I know what you mean...good observation!!

Ferrocell has the capability to show this (let's call it) "time delay" between physical magnet movements versus the "virtual massless, weightless field" movements...

Ferrocell displays the SPATIAL magnetic field in a kind of 3D Holographic Image, even though it is just a flat, 2D Lens...but STILL it is a holographic image of a non physical body...

You could notice this effect of delay, of retardation... also when he does a repulsion or attraction further on.

On a Repulsion, Ferrocell shows from a Sphere to an Ellipsoidal 3D geometry between two Norths or two Souths...depending on the distance between poles the "sphere" would be compressed into an ellipsoidal shape.

Originally Posted by Fessor View Post
While if you put the magnet horizontally, the field follows the physical rotation. What can we make out of such observation ?? Such a clear 90 degree difference in behavior. (Yes, a magnet do have an orientation in 3D, but why differ in this aspect ?)
Horizontally compared to what?...Horizontal or Vertical descriptions depends of a comparative plane and or a line at I am guessing you are talking about Magnet-Pole Axis versus ferrocell screen Plane...correct?

If it is so, then when he sets the chain of magnets (which makes a whole longer magnetic field) horizontally, meaning the Field Axis PARALLEL to Ferrocell, and he moves it in a circle but still parallel to ferrocell plane, we could see that field moves (still with a delay) following physical movement.

When Magnetic Field Axis is PERPENDICULAR to Ferrocell Plane, and he just rotates magnet(s) there would not be seen any change in the curvilinear POLE FACE field...unless he TRANSLATES Field Axis, and still keeping a VERTICAL, PERPENDICULAR Positioning related to Ferrocell plane....Then Field would "follow" physical magnet movements.

Originally Posted by Fessor View Post
The field that ferrocells show, could it be considered a kind of resonance, rather than lines of ‘something’ directly related to the physics of the magnet ?
You are quite close Fessor...but not exactly "resonance".

When we magnetize a piece of ferromagnetic metal by wrapping enameled wire around it and running an Electric Flow momentarily (Momentary Electric Field)...We STAMPED a PATTERN on the metal molecular structure, this "opens a gate" which "invokes" a Magnetic Field to PROPAGATE on the surrounding SPACE of that piece of metal.

And yes, you are completely right, that Field is NOT "PHYSICALLY" DIRECTLY RELATED to that inert -but now aligned- piece of metal...but to the OPENED GATE.

Originally Posted by Fessor View Post
I sadly don’t have a ferrocell myself, but also wander, how will the lines shown in ferrocell with magnet below, react to iron fillings on top. Of course they will react, like putting a iron rod near the magnet, but how will the lines shown by ferrocell and iron filling reacts or interferer to each other ? Anything to conclude from such experiment ?

Would someone, in possesion of a ferrocell find it worthwhile to try out ?

Best of regards to all
I am sorry but comparing iron filings to like dumping mud on a sophisticated 3D Camera Lenses...and that is all you would get to observe...randomly dumped mud which would completely DARK CLOUD YOUR MAGNIFICENT VIEW.

Iron Filings do not follow a uniform concentration in a colloidal viscous liquid which allows light to pass through...but more likely a pile of random MUD which gets strongly magnetized by the Field INFLUENCE, then form CHAIN LINKS of SOLIDLY AND RANDOMLY GATHER TOGETHER LIKE CHUNKS around Field.

Kind regards

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