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Originally Posted by Markoul View Post

Thanks for the video and the tip.

However Brian's video does not allow embedding

Anyway thank you.


don't forget this is magnetism

The field of the magnet is always induced vertically to the ferrocell surface independent of small inclinations of the magnet.

However it shows up in the ferrocell distorted when magnet is not placed at center of ferrocell due the fact that when on the edge light becomes no omnidirectional and isometric.

Always place your magnets on the center of the ferrocell if you want to project a geometrical correct field.

Thanks Markoul,

However, maybe due to my bad English, I don't think you got my point. The field lines seems static in space when magnet is rotated at its vertical position, while moved in horizontal it perfectly follows any movement of the magnet.

Best of regards
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