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Im baffled..

Originally Posted by Ufopolitics View Post

Video below shows the Geometry much better and in all angles, frontal and sides.

Plus he also does Repulsion and Attraction under the cell.

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Hi Ufo,

I am baffled to see whats happen at 0:36, as the magnets are placed vertically, and he twist the magnets around, the field shown in the ferrocell do not follow the physical twist. This to me, shows that the magnet is creating a field, thats somehow is not bound to the physical material. While if you put the magnet horisontally, the field follows the physical rotation. What can we make out of such observation ?? Such a clear 90 degree difference in behavior. (Yes, a magnet do have an orientation in 3D, but why differ in this aspect ?)

The field that ferrocells show, could it be considered a kind of resonance, rather than lines of ‘something’ directly related to the physics of the magnet ?

I sadly don’t have a ferrocell myself, but also wander, how will the lines shown in ferrocell with magnet below, react to iron fillings on top. Of course they will react, like putting a iron rod near the magnet, but how will the lines shown by ferrocell and iron filling reacts or interferer to each other ? Anything to conclude from such experiment ?

Would someone, in possesion of a ferrocell find it worthwhile to try out ?

Best of regards to all
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