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Other concept visualization of Magnetic field

If others concept of magnetism are welcome in this thread other than ken wheelers, I'd like everyone to inspect Joseph Newman theory on magnetism in general and how he perceived and visualized the Magnetic field. (especially UFOPolitics).

I have read Ken wheeler's book and to me It's much better to subscribe to Newman's Model... in his book and writing.. there is less hatred and criticizing of the existing model, and rather than "Redefining" magnetic field in general, he instead identified a missing piece and just made the existing model much more understandable..
there is still the lines of force..
the geometry of the magnetic field is still the same..
there is only the addition of the "gyroscopic" action instead of just a flux lines..

there are some explanation that can be explained using newman's model of magnetism..
one is the..
"why is there no current when there is no changed in flux"..
based on my understanding, the reason why there is no current because the "thing" (electrons.. that movement of it is called "current") has already been displaced by the gyroscopic action of the flux line and cannot go back to its original position since the gyroscopic flux is still there... no "thing" movement = no current..

In UFO Politics CRT display light displacement... the phenomenon can be explained without distorting the geometry of the Magnetic Field portrayed by iron filings method, by taking into account this "gyroscopic" action.. the light that is seen on the CRT is being deflected because the stream of electrons are being deflected by this "gyroscopic" action..

so basically from my point of view, the geometry of the magnetic field "visualized" by others who experiment with ferocells+magnet+light is an illusion made by the "Light" to trick the mind in perceiving a different geometry of the magnetic field other than what is clearly portrayed by the Iron filings method..

a static straight loop with gyroscopic action is much closer to reality rather than a magnetic field with orthogonally misaligned flux (sorry for the term no offense intended.. I can't describe it properly)..
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