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Dear Gambeir,

Thank you for your kind words, a lot of labor and care is put in your writting and I really appreciate this.

However, i kindly disaagre with you. Dark matter does not hinder our understanding and enlightenment and don't get confused by its exotic name.

No more than 500 years ago the invisible electromagnetism and atoms could evenly be described with these terms dark matter and dark energy by people of this age.

Scientists and researches are today at a dead end. So we must try not to look at the tree but at the whole forest picture in order to find the truth.

Our theory accounts only for a tiny part (5% the say) of all of what is actually out there.

We will never solve the puzzle without all of its pieces.

For 2000 years and more now we are playing with 5 from the total 100 pieces of the puzzle.

All i am saying is THAT WE ARE MISSING 95 PIECES!!

... and ask you to explore unexplored territory... what more exciting than that as Faraday and Tesla did! chewing the same gum all the time is boring and no new discoveries will be made ever. Discovery is the search of unknown territory.

Take care,

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BSc. Electronic Systems Engineering, Victoria Univ. Manchester & UMIST
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