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Dear Ufopolitics,

Thank you for you valuable insight concerning these matters and fields.

The debate about matter generating field or field generating matter reminds the old, the chicken made the egg or the egg made the chicken.

I am not disputing Ken's theory and I am intrigued by his intellect. However, this does not take me the right away to notice some discrepancies in some points of his theory shown by empirical data we have so far in order to improve the theory.

See it as my small contribution to Ken's theory.

For example the are no flux reciprocating direct from the two poles.

Empirical data shows only two opposite separate twisted toroid vortices hyperboloids generated out by the secretion disc on the ground state middle of magnet namely its diamagnetic plane or else Bloch region domain wall.

These directly implies that since magnetic radiation originates from a specific region and we can not see the interaction taking place in this region, that it must get ejected in someway from an invisible not known yet energy or matter domain interacting with our know matterial word thus as we call it ordinary matter and energy.

Call it aether or dark matter, doesn't really matter.

So magnetic field of dipole is 3D geometrically essentially not a sphere but two hemispheres separated by the Bloch domain wall.

There is no direct connection from North to South pole. Look it as two monopoles joined via the ground state domain wall.

To say otherwise without empirical data available to support it, is plain wrong.

Also notice gyromagnetic ratio of of magnetic dipole is preserved since field geometry elementary is not changed since it consists from two hemispheres.

So i am not an disputer of Ken's theory but merely a contributor.

Also i find injustice to project on me when there are real disputers of Ken Wheeler's theory in this thread here.

Nevertheless, i would like thank anyone in this thread who coped with me and wish you the best for finding enlightenment.

Kind Regards,

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MSc. VLSI Systems Engineering, UMIST, U.K.
BSc. Electronic Systems Engineering, Victoria Univ. Manchester & UMIST

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