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The Purpose of this Thread...

Hello to All,

Now, to all posting here:

Guys, the main reason of this Thread, as all others I have put together related to Magnetism and the True Magnetic Field, is to reach an Enlightenment, just as Title says...hoping that we ALL reach an Agreement.

So, "agreeing to disagreeing" WILL NOT GET US ABSOLUTELY ANYWHERE!

@Markoul: It is great to have you here posting , besides all your knowledge... you belong to the "Academy"...or call it "The Scientific Establishment" ...and it really pleases me to see someone like you seeing Magnetic Fields different than Conventional Physics.

However, arguing about the "ORIGINS" or whatever Magnetic Fields "step out from", like now - according to you- Magnetic Fields are not coming from the Aether, but from "Dark Matter, or Dark Energy"... this arguments does not contribute to HELP UNDERSTAND MAGNETIC FIELDS.

Arguments about where the Field COMES FROM, ORIGINATES FROM, is kind of "The Origins History of the Magnetic Field" and that is fine and dandy, "nice book"...but serves like a big ZERO to help understand the Magnetic Field.

Second; If You re-read the Title of this Thread it reads clearly that is SUPPORTING K. Wheeler THEORY in a 100%, Therefore, and please, do NOT come here to write that Ken's Theory is wrong...and you are right.

With all due respect, the Day that You put together a STANDALONE NOVEL THEORY BOOK ABOUT MAGNETISM (meaning not "backed up" by Quantum Physics, nor ANY other one) BUT YOUR OWN THEORY, in a BOOK, like Ken did, of as many pages, illustrations, REAL EXPERIMENTS, etc,etc...then you could open a Thread and render all your findings there.

And so, I will be more than happy to read it and offer all my opinions about it.

But so far, HERE, that's all we have.


Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.― Leonardo da Vinci
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