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The above is correct using electromagnetism general theory.

Magnetization and magnets are however better explained today by quantum mechanics therefore a better illustration of the magnetization process and a magnet is the bellow illustration:

notice the two opposite ejected jets or vortices North and South are what we call dipole magnetism, however both get ejected from the monopole scalar magnetic field of the dark matter domain, that is why it is called domain wall (Bloch wall).

Why this is hapening at the Bloch region?

Electric fields act as a barrier for magnetic radiation (think about it like a shield), the don't like each other and repel each other.

Only where electric field is nullified E=0, magnetism ejects out of the dark matter domain and pushes back and shrinks electric field in both directions. That is why you will not able to measure any voltage across a ferrite magnet. To demagnetize you have to apply via a coil to the magnet an external electric field which will close the cap on the Bloch region and stop the magnetic radiation poring out.

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