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Smile Ascension and moving into 4th Density

I am still focused on Karate and my Dojo, BUT with new awareness due to the help of Chinese Energetic Medicine of course that our world is about ready to move into 4th Density. What does this mean for you? It means a great deal of joy, but you must do the work to get there. The work being, BEING! Stay focused on what you want to BE and stay focused on what you desire to create. We have a mission, collectively, and we need to make this happen. I will help by teaching karate and you will help by choosing to be a Spiritual Warrior. I teach my students the same thing. BE the best you can be. BE fearless.

We as a collective Humanity are going through the greatest time of our lives! Not only are we going to move into 4th density, but so is our earth, the greatest spirit in this universe. This has never happened in the history of our galaxy not to mention creation. Do your homework, there is nothing to fear only to accept. YOU are more powerful than you could have ever imagined. Use this power and BE at Peace. Use your power and BE Peace. Use your power and demonstrate PEACE.

Let's have a discussion about what moving effortlessly into 4th density means. Do your homework, google "4th density" and show me what you've got. Are you ready to be truly alive? I am always here, but not your slave so show me respect and do your homework, then I will answer your questions.
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