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removable cores

Originally Posted by 2SeeMore View Post
I definitely want to do that as I'd like to try different core materials. What I'm picturing though is probably not "right", as it could even damage the coil.

I'm imagining removing the core from inside the tightly wound coil to swap it out for another core. Since the coil is tightly wound though I think it will either keep it's shape, or contract a teeny bit when the core is removed. If I'm wrong about that, this idea may be valid, but if it is too tight of a fit, there'd be no room to easily shove another core in and doing so might mess up the coil. I could try to reduce the friction on the new core by spraying some silicone, or putting some vaseline or wax on it, but I doubt that's the idea.

The other thing I can imagine is making a thin sleeve (a sm. cylindrical plastic bottle that either fits as is, or needs to be slit and adjusted then taped shut) to slide my core into which would allow me to easily remove it later. But I don't think that's the idea either, so please clue me in.
If you wind your core on a bobbin/spool, etc. you already have a sleeve, it is the empty air core going down the middle. Take another sleeve that fits just snug inside that one and fill your core material in that. The second inner nested sleeve will be removable.
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