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*Note: I slightly/significantly ~ revised this post for clarity

My main purpose is to help uncover truth. Not to assist one side or another unless it helps to obtain the truth. My advice is to consider dark energy suspect and to instead focus on time. Time is rotationally connected to magnetism as magnetism is connected to spin through time frame dragging.

High spin states in radiation says that time is controllable through crystalline patterns found in specific forms and in specific materials. Radioactive matter acts like a magnet in the sense of very high spin states. Meaning that whatever produces that energy is also very likely to be doing so in the same manner as a magnet produces it's own: Logic would say both magnetism and radioactivity are acting in the time field via time frame dragging at a sub~microscopic level. Time exists and to explain the excited state of matter it must flow and there must be conductors for time; as it is with any other energy: Make sense?

We know that time is a part of the magnetic field because it's associated with magnetism and anomalous events. There appears to be a clear connection between magnetic anomaly and time warps, so magnetism is therefore also a quality of spin state in passing energies which are focused and accreted through the passages within the magnets crystalline patterns. A magnet condenses the magnetic field out of thin air. It is not pulling in another dimension in the traditional sense of a hidden unknown hypothetical, such as dark matter, but time is itself the divider; time creates partitions which can be understood as dimensions.

Previously I mentioned X~ray's and radiation as other possible forms of energies which, in the case of radiation, might be better understood by understanding radiation as a kind of super magnet taking in time. Radiation is time dependent. It's like a kind of accretion disc or mass arrayed lens focusing or condensing time. I would bet a dollar to a donut that there is a unique crystalline pattern which radioactive materials share. Thus the idea here is to understand the format produces an outcome, and in this sense of organized lattice bonds, then the outcome is radiation and not magnetism. Both however are energies being focused or accreted by conductive structure.

We are ourselves creatures of time, locked in time, and what's interesting to me is that the treatment for radiation involves crystals like iodine or salt. Which suggests that the introduction of these chemicals interacts to break the crystalline bonds in radioactive materials, thus reducing their intake of radioactive energies, which I can only think of as being time.
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