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Nice Analogy...

Originally Posted by Gambeir View Post
Magnetism can only result if there is an organized geometric formation. An electric charge organizes the bonds in limited materials. There's no evidence ~whatsoever~ that it's also sustaining the magnetic field. To say that a supplied electric charge results in magnetism is to lay a claim on perpetual motion.

The evidence suggests a more sensible alternative explanation: That the electric charge provides a formatting service by the simple method of inducing a temporary magnetic field in conductive matter, and it's this passing charge which then induces a realignment of the lattice structure since these are themselves electrically conductive.

Thus the electric charge is a primer; acting as a software to format the conductive bonds to another pattern. Thus creating an enabling path for subsequent energies which themselves provide the magnetic field.

Cycling of the original charge is corollary to it's innate attraction to the magnetic, and as having formatted the lattice bonds to function as a form of superior conductor for it's own energies, it then follows automatically that any other like minded energies are going to be equally obsessed with flowing inwards through these same conductive passages.
Great post Gambeir!

I agree 100% with that way of thinking...

The electric FLOW through the wrapped wire around a ferromagnetic core, "stamps" a pattern on the ferrites molecules, particles or nano components...

So, We could say this SPECIFIC SPATIAL Electric Flow (WRAPPED) AROUND the Core acts as the "Software"...which sends the commands to the Core and its Inner Particles, which constitutes "the hardware"...

And it is very simple, we could wrap wire back and forth from end to end, straight along core axis surface ...not wrapped around axis like a normal coil method...and then we get NADA, NO MAGNETISM FORMED.

And so, on this analogy we have the software, and then the hardware...but what is the SPATIAL FIELD generated as a result of these two components?

IMO, the Spatial Field is the final product, the result in our space of an "anomaly" generated by the geometry of the dynamics exchanged originally...

Now, if we go a bit deeper on this...we all know that depending on the relationship to where we set the positive and negative terminals of the coil wire...OR the direction of the turns...will DICTATE the EXACT COMMANDS in order to generate the NORTH-SOUTH positioning on the ferromagnetic core...

Now, related to the molecular alignment on the core, (after magnetization takes place, of course) it would ALWAYS follow a STRAIGHT LINEAR ALIGNMENT, PARALLEL to Core matter where the North or South end is at...

Concluding that no matter where we set + or - on terminals (1), or what direction we choose to wrap our wire (2), the core molecular alignment would always be linear along axis...only the so called "poles" will change their positioning whenever we change either one of these two configurations (1 or 2 above).

Further on, if we sprinkle iron particles around magnetized core, all this particles would align, exactly as the core particles are aligned, meaning linearly along core axis...and of course, they will show a semi-round area around ends where poles are...


Like we all can tell, -for example- when we approach a North or a South to a CRT SCREEN SCANLINE, We observe different (Opposite) SPINS for North and South Polarizations.

Like I have shown on my THREAD plus on all related YT Videos.

All this "data" tells Us that the iron (ferromagnetic) molecular configuration (whether on inner core or the sprinkled filings) follows the "linear" representation of the electrical flow...while the Wraped Copper Wire Direction effects basically the spinning direction of the SPATIAL FIELD...which iron particles fails to reveal at each pole...

Only an electron spatially forced flow, at very high speeds, screened on fluorescent material like we have on a B&W CRT, then rastered into a scanline...will clearly reveal these polarization's spins.

Regards to All

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