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Originally Posted by Markoul View Post

It's the material magnets are made off that is more susceptible to the induced field but really it is the induced electric field which makes a magnet.

And of proof of this is the following:
Making an steel bar a magnet by magnetic induction (double touch method)

Place a steel bar on top of two strong bar magnets facing with opposite poles each other and an air cap in between less than lenght of the steel bar so that stee bar can sit on the two magnets.

Aproach two strong bar magnets from above with inclined angles and the same polarity as the bottom magnets.

On the steel bar slide several times on its one surface the two top magnets with opposite poles in this fashion of movement


starting from the middle (|) of the iron bar.

Magnetism can only result if there is an organized geometric formation. An electric charge organizes the bonds in limited materials. There's no evidence ~whatsoever~ that it's also sustaining the magnetic field. To say that a supplied electric charge results in magnetism is to lay a claim on perpetual motion.

The evidence suggests a more sensible alternative explanation: That the electric charge provides a formatting service by the simple method of inducing a temporary magnetic field in conductive matter, and it's this passing charge which then induces a realignment of the lattice structure since these are themselves electrically conductive.

Thus the electric charge is a primer; acting as a software to format the conductive bonds to another pattern. Thus creating an enabling path for subsequent energies which themselves provide the magnetic field.

Cycling of the original charge is corollary to it's innate attraction to the magnetic, and as having formatted the lattice bonds to function as a form of superior conductor for it's own energies, it then follows automatically that any other like minded energies are going to be equally obsessed with flowing inwards through these same conductive passages.
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