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magnet spacing

Originally Posted by 2SeeMore View Post
Hi Aaron,

You mention that the (1" wide) magnets should be spaced around the rim 3" apart. None of the rim circumferences are multiples of 4 though (a 20" rim for instance has a circumference of 62.83" - theoretically allowing for 15.71 1" wide magnets with 3" between their nearest borders), so I'll either have to space the magnets a little closer together (using 16 in this case) or a little further apart (if I went with 15). Any advice about this? A preference for one or the other?

Also, I got the sense that the size of the rim isn't so important and picked up a 17" rim as it seemed better balanced. But...most comments in the book mention larger rims. Should I use a larger one?
Just keep the spacing of the magnets similar - if you put them on the wheel with tape, you can get a feel for what spacing is idea for your setup and make space wider or narrower. You want the fastest speed for the least draw. Make sure to use an adjustable pot in series with a resistor at the base.
Aaron Murakami

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