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So now, after what may seem like a series of wacked out rants, I want to bring something out for all of you to ponder deeply. This has evidently or manifestly been with all of us for a long time. Scary when I really and truly consider the potential implications. Neverthless, this post may help to explain why I posted what I have in this thread.

Mind Control & the Artificial Intelligence Push: What's the Real Agenda?

This topic has been on my mind for several days now, and just today I got a PM which mentioned that Otis Carr had said that; "consciousness melds with the engineer to create an effect." I would invite you to ponder that statement deeply because there's a long history about robots and the robotic brain in our science fiction history. AI (artificial intelligence) has a lot to do with a planned trap. As time moves forward those who suggest that a trap is being sprung will seem ever more crazy as technology advances and is accepted and seen as understood and controllable. A policeman or a detective will, however, tell you that what you control only extends to the limits of your knowledge: It is of course their job to uncover deceptions.

This next video is highly interesting for what it implies, because if the goal is to create robots which are like those depicted in HBO's West World, as accessory intelligence platforms for entertainment, then those will hold unexpected surprises for the gullible and for the unaware. The video itself may seem a little hodge podge, what with it's first 34 seconds of seemingly unrelated material. However, I would suggest it isn't as unrelated as it may appear and hopefully after a few days the gist of this post will gel together and become ever more clear as the mind sequences the information supplied.

After the first 34 seconds the video moves on to covering Facebook and it's data collection but really you have to ask yourself why they were doing this? After all, it's more than a little bit over the top don't ya think? Ultimately it's about finding "Targets." This is about "Ultimate Mind Control." The video never comes out and says this because I don't think they really comprehend what the true purposes are behind the intense data collection these so~called corporations are doing. Kind of reminds me of Buzz Aldrin going off the handle and shouting "we are all in danger," but Buzz was right; we all are all in danger as I shall hopefully demonstrate.

So here's the first video.

Again, the video itself is suggestive. It gives you some reason to feel uneasy, but it doesn't connect up why this data collection is so dangerous, and at a very, very, personal level. That's what I intend to do. So now "Watch This."I think you will get the point very graphically. This next video contains clips of Derren Browns 10 greatest moments. Derren Brown is undoubtedly one of the greatest Hypnotists of all time. I suggest you watch the video, and understand that if you have someone with this talent, and who can then connect with a quote "target" remotely, then all is explained: Understand Now? You will if you watch this...

10 Of The Most Dramatic Derren Brown Moments

I think I really became convinced when I listened to psychic Phil Jorden explain how he had prayed and then urged a quote "murder suspect" to admit his guilt in the crime, which the suspect did, explaining he was urged to admit his guilt. Which implies, if you ask me, that certain "targets" share certain commonalities, and that just possibly they make ideal assassins as well. Everything the powers that be do is a trap. If you adopt that notion then these traps will begin to become visible to you. I will now invite you to revisit Ottis Carr's statement with the addition of HBO's West World AI Robots and then, just for good measure to make sure you get the point consider the possibilities: Invasion of the Body Snatchers really has a bit more meat to it now doesn't it?

The great Phil Jordan's homepage (Psychic Detective).
Phil Jordan, Psychic - Home

Here's the article referred to in the first video at 5:11 "Remote viewing of natural targets"
Link to CIA Reading Room where it's archived.
Also same paper archived here.
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