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I really appreciate this mini-course. I'm clearer about the role of the core filler.

Given that the longer rods create a stronger magnetic field than separate bearings, what about using 1/16” diameter iron wire (available here in rolls, as barbed wire or plastic coated metal fan cage wire)?

On the possible downside, unlike welding rods, the wire won’t have copper coating (R45). Does that coating speed up the discharge rate? If not, what advantage does it provide?

Wire’s also not going to be as straight, so I may not be able to get as strong of a magnetic field (the density of the core will drop if fewer pieces fit in due to bends).

Wire’s also quick to rust. Is rust a disadvantage? I can certainly eliminate it if I spray some enamel on the wire like you did with the bearings.

Another alternative I wanted to ask about is iron filings/ribbons. In one of Dr. Lindemann's videos he used iron filings (and epoxy) in the core - which I began saving after that. They're now rusted, but I have them. I can also get the thin (much less than 1/16”) spiral shavings that come off metal lathes. They could be more or less straightened out, cut to length and packed into the core.

Would any of these options be better than the bearings?
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