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War for the sake of war

Historically, a State's success in war was controlled by; how big it's economy was, how trained and committed it's soldiers were, how advanced it's weapons were-compared to it's opponent, how good it's generals were.
Today is a different story. Historically, war was done to occupy territory. Today, war is often an extension of economic policy. Churchill said, "if Germany trades again in the next 50 years, WW I will have been for nothing".
Today, we have resource wars. Destroy their military and, take all their resources. We garrison the State and suck out the riches. Success in war depends more and more on weapons, rather than fighters. The days of large infantry battles is long gone.

"NATO needs to demonize Russia as much as possible and to even provoke a confrontation to justify getting more money. Of course, it seeks to provoke a confrontation for money but it assumes there will not be World War III because neither side desires to occupy the other. So exactly why do we need standing armies today is simply a political issue. "
"If the reason for war is no longer occupation but more like a brawl between two drunks in a bar, then why do we need standing armies especially when we can just push a button?"

"The NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has constantly been pushing for a confrontation with Russia, He has been moving military installations to the Russian border while Putin has been forced to pursue buffer zones around Russia. The European Member States have been instructed that they should construct roads and bridges that will allow tanks to freely move throughout Europe."
"What you must understand is that the West NEEDS a war desperately as a distraction from the collapse of Socialism. NATO has been looking for any excuse to turn this into a confrontation with Russia. The crazy thing is that war has changed. Neither side wants to “occupy” the other as was the case with Napoleon and Hitler. So why are we preparing for war? What is the objective?"

"Turkey needs a war and they are becoming much more aggressive because the currency is collapsing."
"NATO is an organization that can no longer be defined and it seeks to hold onto old world philosophies to justify its existence. NATO needs a war to ensure its own funding. If Russia has no real designs to invade and occupy Europe, then why do we need NATO?"
"He came to comprehend that standing armies would be easily used. It was his observations that kings would go to war BECAUSE they had standing armies that they paid for even if they did nothing. The Prince explained that there should be no armies and that would reduce war by itself. "
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