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core material

Originally Posted by 2SeeMore View Post
The beginners handbook says to fill the core of the spool with sections of 1/16" R45 welding rod. Here in Costa Rica, I've been unable to locate 1/16" rods. Locally they only carry 3/16" rods and I'm pretty sure they're not R45. Would they be a suitable substitute? If not, I noticed Aaron's recent video about Paul Babcock using steel shot as a core material. That's not available here as such, but small magnetic bicycle bearings are essentially the same thing and I can get them locally. Would those work?

The 3/16 will work, but not as efficient because you will get more eddy current losses in the core. But it will still work so you can at least learn the nature of the machine.

The bicycle bearings will be bigger and they will probably retain magnetism more, so no, they are not essentially the same thing. If you get a few, you can test them. Get a few and put them on a neo magnet for a while. Remove them and see if the balls stick together. If they do, then no, they are not the same.
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