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I can only say Ufopolitics that I agree with the author of the Article: "Flying Triangles and The Black Holes On My Fridge." Magnetism is an organized something, and that this something is evidently all around us in un~organized forms. We know that certain materials and certain patterns can focus this energy to create a detectable form which we call magnetism.
Flying Triangles And The Black Holes On My Fridge

When objects move sufficiently fast enough they can begin to emit light. Movement is energy and light is therefore a product of moving energy. As a crystalline form cannot itself be moving, then whatever creates magnetism must itself be moving, as any other conclusion is illogical.

A logical conclusion is that crystalline patterns (known as lattices) are capable of guiding hereto previously un~regarded energy to a point where it's condensed form is ejected outwards, and as the construction of the matrix which forms this lens is self enforcing, it then follows that the material which was injected from the focused point is self cycling caught up in the crystalline lattices motive powers.

As shape and form dictates energies action, then the shape or form of crystalline patterns dictate the outcome of energies, and factors like heat and cold influence those patterns physically and obviously whatever energies are conducted by them. Manifestly such changes are the result of physically altering the lattice structure by expansion and contraction, but other unknowns may exist which over time can break down the lattice bonds, or otherwise diminish the motive powers.

On the surface a magnet appears to be a magnifying lens of sorts, as this is the first thing to simply explain the whole, but undoubtedly the whole is more complex, and likely these patterns could be seen as acting like or forming accretion discs; for the whole of a magnet acts like a jet ejected from center core.

The entire and foremost quality of a crystal is that it replicates, and that what it replicates is itself, and that above all else, this replication represents a frozen moment since it does this in an endless cycle. It is therefore logical that the energies this form eject are then take back in and recycled on the whole.

A magnet is evidently functioning in a similar manner to an accretion disc, and so if that's the case, then whatever it is which produces magnetism is, for reasons completely unknown, first flowing inwards and then being ejected outwards from a center core: This is the behavior of an accretion disc.

So either the unknown material is moving or else this unknown material is guided by forms. To say it flows means it's capable of moving like water is capable of moving: It may be a raging torrent or a still pond but either way it's still water. Whether this unknown energy is actually flowing or just capable of flowing I cannot say: It may be either or both. In the case of a magnet this unknown energy must be moving in order to create the magnetic field, so either energies are already moving and simply being guided by shape form, or else the shape and form are acting so as to divert and accrete this energy. The nature of the crystal and it's lattice is suggestive of a mass~array, like a hundred million billion tiny magnifying lens all focused upon a central point.

Now if form alone can create a magnetic field than one might suspect that any type of form, that is a shape could produce an effect regardless of what the shape was constructed from. We of course know of pyramid power, and some may also know of the late great Joe Parr and his experimental work in this field of shape power energies.

However, I don't think anyone I know of has mapped out the lattice form of a magnet and replicated that in some other material, say perhaps cardboard, and that would be interesting to see the measured results. So if you then have a cardboard model of a magnets' crystalline lattice and that then produces a magnetic field, well that then would rather strongly suggest that there's unknown energies out there doing some strange things.

The debate here seems to be whether or not the magnetic field is flowing. A crystalline pattern cannot be acting as rock in stream. Those patterns cannot be creating eddies which then produce the manifestation of magnetism because that is a diminished form of energy, whereas a magnetic field is a condensed form of energy and we know this since adding magnets only strengthens the field. Whereas breaking a magnet in half leaves half the strength but now gives two magnets, or two accretion discs if you will.

Physics says that there is an inverse square to energy, wherein the breaking of a magnet would create greatly diminished magnetic fields if the fields were themselves only subject to inactive objects. Logic seems to say that the fields are created by activity. I suspect that the unknown energy does both. It can exist in both moving and un~moving forms as water or air can, but as to what it's doing in a magnetic field, then I think it's clearly moving and cycling for the most part.

The work of Joe Parr and our knowledge as the physical effects of pyramids show that this energy is all around us, and either it is moving and can be condensed by more movement, or it can be coaxed or enticed to follow certain shapes, possibly both. To focus in only on the action of electrons and orbitals ignores what we already do know about the effects of shape and form. There is clearly a cross correlation going on between geometry and relative action of power and there is clearly something we don't know practically anything about in the way that shapes can effect space.
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