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India builds bunkers.

Well, Trump sent submarine technology to Taiwan to piss off China. Might have something to do with the trade war. XI cozied up to Kim and now, a Korean war is looking VERY messy. The Greeks are evidently not for from a war with Turkey.
"Despite the 2003 ceasefire agreement, violence has recently erupted between both countries on the LoC, which marked 2017 as the bloodiest year since the ceasefire agreement came into effect.

Earlier this year, we reported on 40,000 Indians fleeing the Jammu and Kashmir region, as intense military shelling from the Pakistani military turned the region into a war zone."
Pax Americana is doing all it can to derail the Chinese new silk road. Lighting up India and Pakistan is just logical. Just like lighting up Ukraine.
Trump wants a wall,,, Saudi Arabia wants a moat.
PressTV-‘Saudis to build border canal to turn Qatar into island’
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