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Keeping It Simple...Science.

Hello to All,

Great posts!!, Thanks to all contributing here!!

@Markoul: I believe you are establishing that Dark Matter is the I correct?

According to K. Wheeler... Magnetism, Gravity as Electricity are All Aether Disturbances.

On my end, I like to keep Science as simple as possible, even having very positive and maybe unexplained results, according to conventional science...

In my point of view, complicating our language by using terms which are still in another scientific "limbo" does not help our research, as it would be worst for others outside our experimenting world to "digest" it.

So I do have to agree above with Mikrovolt post.

Getting back to magnetism, I have tried to respond to myself as to why the Mass Particles within the Magnetic Field carrier do not show an alignment which is the same as the Spatial Field (according to Wheeler) meaning, showing a center difference and aligning from center toward each pole?

Then after all my research with CRT Scan line Plane, concluding that North-South are spinning in the same exact direction, and so the whole magnet is just one single spin force, no matter if Spatial Field is being generated exactly from the Gravitational Center of Field Carrier, no matter geometrical shape...I clearly understood my original question above...

The Molecular structure of the Ferromagnetic Material is being Oriented based on what we could call a Single Directional Spin, no matter if it was originated in the center of the geometry towards the ends of the mass...still, it is one, and only one single direction.

I could have explained my question by using the Higher Pressure Levels of return which flow from pole to pole...but, (yes you are right Markoul) we have not being able to reveal them clearly with any one of the advanced techniques to image magnetism so far...

Regards to All

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