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Originally Posted by dR-Green View Post
Well I'd be lying if I said it wasn't going to come up at some point

I don't believe for one second that Meyl transmitted anything through the earth far field, and lit an LED on the other end. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he used a wire and then proclaimed it a success. I can do that easily. I'll just go and buy a 200 metre roll of wire and connect up the transmitter and receiver. I can guarantee I'll be lighting LEDs as well as incandescent bulbs 200 metres away, and if not then I can just write it in a book and everyone will believe me anyway. But that won't prove anything to me, lighting LEDs through 200 metres of wire isn't a big deal even if there is only one wire. Removing the wire and using the earth is another matter. I don't count my own experiments as a success over distance if I'm using a wire, so I don't count Meyl's experiments either. One standard. Wires don't count. According to Adam, Meyl would have had difficulty even making it work with a wire resting on the ground, so I don't buy in to his rhetoric at all.

Anyway, I'm surprised you're happy using the term "scalar wave". I won't use it.
Well meyls device is a high frequency low power proof of concept device so substituting a piece of wire for the earth is legitimate to a high degree since the earth is used presumably used as a short circuit (but not to high frequencies) and a piece of wire reasonably fulfills that [short circuit] qualification, unlike the earth [also at high frequencies] though it fails as a storage device so there wont be much 'pumping' taking place, and tesla is using the planet as a capacitor inside another capacitor so to speak, a wire not so much. Again people need to keep in mind that meyl dropped the generator output down so it was just enough to light the leds.

That has to be part of the understanding and consideration of his experiment and also what must be taken into consideration is that meyl is using 7,000,000 cycles per second for the TMT frequency which I would not expect to go through the earth, remembering that tesla recommended around 35,000 cycles per second as optimum frequency for the earth. The earth as a conductor simply does not respond well (if at all) to higher frequencies and it simply absorbs them.

If you used a wire like his I would also dub your TMT a total success, and I have seen your work, I expect your coils would light bulbs at more than 2 wavelengths away, if not 2.25 wavelengths away calculated with the propagation delay in mind, however in so far as the so called challenge is concerned I maintain that is a wooden nickel and quantum failure therefore nothing more than a waste of time. Anyone doing these experiments can borrow a portable generator from a neighbor if they dont already have one, then drive down to the ocean where the sand is saturated, and for your frequency a spacing of about 350-375 meters apart to insure no one can point out its in the near field or transition zone and therefore not valid,

then put a couple short ground rods in the salt water saturated sand and let er rip. That proves beyond a shadow of a doubt its not hertzian. You can be the first to prove that concept! I am not aware of anyone who has done that right so far except meyl and his frequency is too high to use through the earth. Im not sure if your frequency is low enough but it might work?

No one (except tesla) lit an incandescent bulb either by wire or earth in the far field. It would not shock me ot discover that a unit the size of teslas would be required to prove that but I have my doubts that is the case. Yes I do accept using a wire as justified for proof of concept, especially at the high frequencies everyone uses to reduce the size and cost requirements. Maybe a table top model of the proper frequency can sufficiently pump up the earth to get results, no one knows because it has not been done yet by anyone but tesla who used a full scale model and if you know anyone who has please post the link! I cant comment too much on meyls unit not working with the wire on the ground but my best guess is that using such a high freq its simply dissipated by parasitic losses and failure to excite the medium in the same way a picosecond pulse wont even budge a 100 henry coil. Yours would be considered a low voltage unit to teslas as meyls would be considered a low voltage unit compared to yours.

Like Adam I can imagine certain things going on that could cause that starting with the high freq and such a low voltage being transmitted, I think its 2 volts, I was surprised to discover that even worked, it does not surprise me that parasitic losses eat such a small signal up, just like they would a low voltage pulse over a 10 mile long wire as another example.

If you lit a bulb with a 350-375 meter wire between your T/R, I would absolutely dub your TMT as a total success! Sure I have a problem with the word scalar, but nothing like the problem I have with einsteins time dilation '[meta]physics' and lot of other physics concepts that are accepted despite being wholly misrepresented and jammed down everyones throat simply because some dorkweed was able to build mathematical system (circular reasoning fallacy) around it. Which is not to say it does not come out with correct answers in the 'narrowest' sense, in the wider scope its total bs. One of the most laughable is getting younger than someone who is presumed stationary as one approaches the speed of light. That to this day has me in stitches!

The main concern I have for your rig is that your frequency is substantially on the high side to use the earth as a conductor for far field operation and the energy may very well be eaten up by parasitic losses.

Proper testing is the most difficult part of any project and as an example here are some of the problems one can expect to encounter with long distance transmission of energy either through wire or the ground. and:
Through-the-Earth (TTE) signalling is a type of radio signalling used in underground mines and caves that uses low-frequency waves to penetrate dirt and rock, which are opaque to higher-frequency conventional radio signals.
In mining, these higher-frequency signals can be relayed underground through various antennas, repeater or mesh configurations, but communication is restricted to line of sight to these antenna and repeaters systems.


Through-the-Earth transmission can overcome these restrictions by using ultra-low frequency (300–3000 Hz) signals, which can travel through several hundred feet of rock strata. The antenna cable can be located on the surface only at a mine site, and provide signal coverage to all parts of the underground mine. The antenna may be placed in a "loop" formation around the perimeter of the mine site (or wherever coverage is needed) for systems using magnetic fields to carry signals. Systems that use electric fields as the signal carrier are not subject to this limitation. Transmissions propagate through rock strata which is used as the medium to carry the ultra-low-frequency signals. This is important in mining applications, particularly after any significant incident, such as fire or explosion, which would destroy much of the fixed communication infrastructure underground.

If the terrain makes a loop surface antenna impractical to install, then the antenna can be installed underground or a non-magnetic field type carrier may be used. But because the signal travels through rock, the antenna does not need to run into all parts of the mine to achieve mine wide signal coverage, thus minimizing the risk of damage during an incident.
So there is always the possibility your design frequency is too high for far field propagation through the earth? the last couple links do not directly apply but one can get a larger overview of the scope they are dealing with imo.

I should add that the reason this is important, that is measuring 2+ wavelengths from the transmitter is that it 'absolutely' insures there is no transformer type 'induction' between the transmitter and receiver coils. The reason all these tesla transmitter tests that you see out here are invalid is because no one takes that into account. Like so many claimed OU devices, they dont take proper measurements, or dont know how to properly measure their devices.

Heres another kid thinks he has overunity, but its nothing more than failure to measure.

The takeaway point from his video is when he takes the field meter and walks over 20 feet from the coil he still gets a reading, hence the need to be >2 wavelengths away from the source to insure its 'transmission' and not induction.

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