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Originally Posted by Kokomoj0 View Post
Granted you will say hey wait a minute, I seen meyls demonstration and that was not far field.
Well I'd be lying if I said it wasn't going to come up at some point

Originally Posted by Kokomoj0 View Post
ok but there is a subtle but critical point being overlooked here. That experiment is flawed because its in the nearfield. In order to claim its been transmitted via scalar, (tesla style) it has to be done as a farfield measurement. Granted you will say hey wait a minute, I seen meyls demonstration and that was not far field. That was my first response as well. However meyl said in the university experiments it was done far field and worked. The reason farfield is so important is to insure your readings are not the result of transformer induction. All these kids on youtube that are fascinated with lighting light bulbs are summarily dismissed out of hand by academics because they do not understand how to properly measure 'stuff'. These are things any old ham operating that built his own antennas takes for granted, but some what a lost art and skill today. So all he proved is that a near field transmitter can light a bulb, and frankly I can (and did) do that with any hertz resonating rod as well when they are sitting side by side. See the problem? Now had he lit a light bulb at the lake under that bluff, several hundred feet away, I'd have raised my eyebrows and said 'cool', likewise with the peking radio experiment. I believe that was the station he tuned to?

The above should be clarify why one would need to qualify a TMT using strictly far field measurements. Take note that Adam (the guy who bought meyls coil) also made a point to mention far field.

I don't believe for one second that Meyl transmitted anything through the earth far field, and lit an LED on the other end. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he used a wire and then proclaimed it a success. I can do that easily. I'll just go and buy a 200 metre roll of wire and connect up the transmitter and receiver. I can guarantee I'll be lighting LEDs as well as incandescent bulbs 200 metres away, and if not then I can just write it in a book and everyone will believe me anyway. But that won't prove anything to me, lighting LEDs through 200 metres of wire isn't a big deal even if there is only one wire. Removing the wire and using the earth is another matter. I don't count my own experiments as a success over distance if I'm using a wire, so I don't count Meyl's experiments either. One standard. Wires don't count. According to Adam, Meyl would have had difficulty even making it work with a wire resting on the ground, so I don't buy in to his rhetoric at all.

Anyway, I'm surprised you're happy using the term "scalar wave". I won't use it.

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