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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
From about 10 years ago - one wire transmission of real power - charging a cap until it triggers a neon, which in turn triggers a SCR, which in turn dumps that capacitor into another capacitor just to prove the point. No claims on anything but obviously receiver circuit is not even needed.
a spark is similar to an all frequency generator, so no matter what frequency your stuff oscillates at a spark is bound to find it, even if it doesnt the spark is charging the piece of wire which looks like an RLC circuit to the spark. The best way to understand this is to consider the effects of a resonating rod.

Then there is the problem you run into again like before is when you try to do this at a distance. You can hit your one wire with a spark and 10 miles away you wont even be able to measure it because all the energy will be lost before it reaches the other end. I have this recurring vision of a marriage between tesla and stiffler devices.

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