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I just had a session on one of these biofeedback machines.

I guess it would probably be my fifth visit to my guy (not sure what you call the operators of these apparatus)
When I first went to see him I was a bit of a mess. I had some really scary skin cancer issues going on as well as adrenals that were pretty spent.

This is such an amazing machine. It brought out the emotional issues that I needed to deal with in order to heal my body.

For instance - courage kept coming up in one of the earlier sessions. I then realized what I kind of knew all along was that I needed to stand up to some issues at work, which I then did. (I also switched some of my modules on Paths to help me deal with it) This has resulted in an amazing turnabout at work -

There were others, but bottom line is that I had a session the other day and my guy told me that I had made a substantial amount of progress. I credit this machine and Paths.

ps. I am on the unconditional love module. When we got to the part of the session that deals with emotions, the words "unconditional love" popped up on the screen! Pretty cool Paths!
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