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Originally Posted by Kokomoj0 View Post
Sure I have seen both those videos, in both cases he is demonstrating that he can receive 'information' signals, nowhere does he light a bulb or demonstrate he can receive power. Meyl demonstrates power transfer.
The bulb is lit at 14:45

Tesla's Longitudinal Electricity - A Lab Demonstration - YouTube

That's the same experiment as Meyl's, except Eric is using a spark gap and incandescent bulbs on his receiver, and Meyl is using a signal generator and LED. So he equals Meyl's demonstration as far as the basic circuit is concerned, except Eric is actually using a loading coil on the ground end of the flat spiral coils to ensure the correct mode of resonance and current and potential distribution so he's not being deluded by harmonic resonant frequencies, then he goes on to show more single wire stuff that Meyl does not, and never has done, or has ever talked about.

Eric then actually connects his transmitter to the earth, and receives the signal on the beach. So Meyl in no way shows what Eric doesn't. Meyl just shows power transfer through a wire to light an LED which is easy, which Eric also shows, and then a lot more. He's not attempting to show how much power can be received, only that it works. ... And he probably knows that he'd need more than a small sheet of metal resting in the sea water to receive a significant amount of power.

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