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I own one of Meyl's experimental kits (and extra parts I bought from his group to hook up multiple receivers), and confirmed his kit does transfer energy in a way we were never shown in Electrical Engineering school (I got an A in fields and waves class circa 1985). What Dr. Meyl says in his thick book which I purchased then read the whole thing, is correct based on my knowledge so far; I like how his vector math taught me the principle why vdivB is not zero as schooling incorrectly taught me divB is always zero (the v is also missing, I added that back in after doing the math myself). The I-V phase I do measure as 90deg in longitudinal mode both at transmit and receive ends where my measurements convinced me that all of the energy transfers to one or more receivers I connected (Meyl's kit operates at around 7MHz in longitudinal mode and around 4MHz in transverse mode). In the 180deg or transverse mode touching the receiver upsets and detunes the circuit, whereas I observe that the receiver when tuned in the kit's longitudinal mode does not care if I touch its scatteron (a scatteron is the metal globe). When I add my own halogen bulb on Meyl's receiver and drive Meyl's transmitter with a power amp the interaction is more complicated but Meyl's kit does light it up and create fields high enough to burn skin by touching it lightly (small surface area). I use a generator and power amp rather than Meyl's weak little generator included with his kit.

Dr. Meyl's kit does clearly demonstrate for me operation outside of the near-field lambda/6 in longitudinal mode ~7MHz. In transverse mode ~4MHz energy drops off rapidly as expected. I actually have a bunch of unpublished reports I wrote for myself documenting all the tests I did before embarking on making my own scaled-down version kit which works as hoped, and talks to Meyl's kit because (I designed mine to be the same as his frequency and it is close enough to interact with Meyl's). Thanks to Steve Jackson for helping me realize to alternatively use pulses instead of sine waves!

Dr. Meyl's kit does have quirks and I do believe there is something going on with atmospheric pressure to change its behavior somewhat. Too bad we do not have the appropriate electromagnetic simulator and are stuck with Ansoft HFSS and Maxwell that are not designed for longitudinal wave analysis from what I was able to learn working (training) with their engineers.

The main thing I learned that is not obvious with Dr. Meyl's kit, is the connecting wire needs to avoid coupling to earth or the kit does not transfer power at these very low voltages. I looked hard to see what Meyl was doing and I think he might have been stringing his connecting wire overhead in the gym photo I saw with a kit in there, to avoid its giving up the energy to the earth.

My suspicion is high voltage is required to break down the interface or work function between particles and make the earth into a wire, like Tesla intended. Alternatively my suspicion is an aquaduct is required at the transmitter wire as Tesla put a long shaft into the earth from my understanding. My experiment of placing copper wires into a grassy field where I tested Meyl's kit using a UPS floating supply, failed until the wire was lifted off the earth. I confirmed this again by placing copper strips on the concrete slab at my lab used as a connecting wire, where similarly the system fails to work and I have to lift the wire up off the earth to avoid coupling and losing the energy.

Adam Griffin, BSEE 1988 University of California San Diego
Did you investigate the cause? I presume the wires were not insulated and you were not able to get your amp (a little larger current) to work either? A thought came to mind and its probably nothing, but was there any dc offset imposed on the ground line in either polarity?

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