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The main thing I learned that is not obvious with Dr. Meyl's kit, is the connecting wire needs to avoid coupling to earth or the kit does not transfer power at these very low voltages. I looked hard to see what Meyl was doing and I think he might have been stringing his connecting wire overhead in the gym photo I saw with a kit in there, to avoid its giving up the energy to the earth.

My suspicion is high voltage is required to break down the interface or work function between particles and make the earth into a wire... My experiment of placing copper wires into a grassy field where I tested Meyl's kit using a UPS floating supply, failed until the wire was lifted off the earth. I confirmed this again by placing copper strips on the concrete slab at my lab used as a connecting wire, where similarly the system fails to work and I have to lift the wire up off the earth to avoid coupling and losing the energy.
Just to prove it's possible, or at least should be if he did it properly,

Power to primary coil = 32.6 mW peak / 23 mW RMS
A crystal earpiece is connected to the receiver like the diagram shows, and taped on to the microphone of the camera to hear what's being received:

Nikola Tesla Magnifying Transmitter - Wireless Telluric Transmission Of Energy - The Evidence Mk. 2 - YouTube

Earlier experiments lighting LEDs in (through) the garden with and without receiver. The power supply in both cases consists of a tiny surface mount op amp:

Tesla Wireless Telluric Transmission Test-01 - In The Snow - YouTube

Coupling to the earth does have a negative impact on output relative to isolated experiments, but even Meyl's coils should still be able to produce the effect at low voltages, it's just harder to see, and may take some tuning to find. But what I said above regarding grounding/ground plane applies exactly for this reason. In fact you may notice in the video that the wire connecting to the receiver picks up the signal from the earth without even being connected to the ground rod, because the wire is resting on the earth.

On the subject of Meyl's coils, does he mention anywhere what the conductor length on his coils is?

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