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Originally Posted by Buddhafollower View Post
Good day,
What i really don't understand is why do people use such high frequencies (example: 1860K cycles/second, 560kcycles/s etc.) when Dr.Tesla said very clearly that TMT works at frequencies from few to thousands of hertz. Actually, i think he said that the MT works at frequencies below 20KHz. I don't think that we nowadays have the true schematic diagram of the MT as Dr.Tesla intended it to be. What we have is the ''Apparatus for transmitting electrical energy'' patent No.1,119,732. That's all we have and this installation naturally won't work at frequencies below 20kHz. Even the way it is drawn shows that the frequency will be in the range of tens of kHz to few hundreds of kHz judging by the ratio of the resonator. But that installation is not the Magnifying Transmitter. It is yet another device for the transmission of electricity through the ground. Very useful indeed.
The energy radiates more readily as frequency increases, and radiation isn't what one wants, and according to Tesla the earth conducts best between 20-35 kc. But it's highly unlikely that the average person is going to be able to build something on that scale because it would be huge and expensive, so something like 1860 kc scales it down to a manageable size while still achieving the same effects. The efficiency difference isn't as important because it's not meant to power the earth's population. Also one can only legally transmit within certain frequency bands with an amateur radio license, otherwise the communications regulations agencies will come looking for you.

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