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There are components to the magnetic field that were previously not included.
Because the terminology refers to only the previous components we cannot go forward.
By the time everyone agrees that the composite field should include these other parts the sub atomic
comportments will be observed sufficiently and the magnetic field model will again need further modification.

It is normal to have a preference to certain names given to these components.
In a forum like this we should use the best definitions and the simplest of names.
( my opinion a disk and bubbles works fors me ) while this gets us to a little
higher concept level of understanding we cannot escape the fanciful language.

On the other hand consider a mathematician having to use the term bubble as the
officially declared variable that also would be an imposition. Like unification theory it is an endless occupation.

The in your face method of presenting concept does not work for me personally.
Honestly when this topic arrived again I said to myself "Oh look what we have here."
Appreciating the history of Bloch and Neel wall for some time I feel the story should be told more
smoothly less defensively even though there is credit for ferro viewing technology the drama distracts from the progress.
I rarely refer to Ken Wheeler's pdf maybe even avoid it because of the in your face drama. Sorry need a better approach.

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