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The propagation of light through the Cosmic Aether is instantaneous. Light has no speed.
Indeed, Dr.Tesla said that through an inductor which has an inductance and a natural capacitance between the turns such as a flat spiral transformer, the current travels at a certain speed. This speed is given by a mathematical law. The speed will depend on certain things in the circuit, such as inductance and natural capacitance. This is the speed of a Transverse Electro-Magnetic current. This type of electric current indeed has a speed. On the other hand, the Longitudinal Magneto-Dielectric current propagates instantaneously, meaning the constant 186,000 miles/second has nothing to do with this. Einstein of course said nothing about such an electric current and therefore it is not accepted by the clergy with stone brains.
'' Meyl teaches at the University of Applied Sciences in Furtwangen and has written peer reviewed papers'' --- so not only that he is deluding himself, now others just like him are working at the same delusion. How can blind people see light? At least he brought me some benefits by showing the working patent of Dr.Tesla, the true genius. I remember that i saw one video of Mayl on YT platform and he talked about some particles like ''neutrinos'' and some sub atomic particles which are all garbage and on this nowadays ''science'' relies upon. Meyl's colleagues go on ranting about how the Aether is an illusion and ''pseudoscience'' and so on. How can someone believe such things? Have you even heard about the book ''The manufacture and selling of saint Einstein''?? You give me your e-mail address and i send this book to you.
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