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I wish it was that simple...
''a massive generator and a spark gap''... are you really serious?? Do you even know that you need a SPECIFIC frequency for TMT or tthe flat spiral transformers? Do you understand that? What can I do with a spark gap? Unless the spark gap is one specifically designed so that it will have a rotating part with segments and it will charge and discharge a capacitor. The frequency produced will be a function of inductance in centimeters of the primary coil, capacitance of the capacitor, number of segments of the
rotating spark gap, the speed of the electric motor. That is one of Dr.Tesla's patents, a mechanical oscillator. There are even equations that can be used to create such an oscillator and the discharging circuit. The frequency produced is very specific, vary accurate, needless to say that such an oscillator is best when you want to transmit electricity through the ground to different distant locations.
Mr. Eric Paul Dollard is more than a simple electrical engineer. He is the brightest man i have seen since Dr.Tesla and Dr. Steinmetz.
What i said earlier is of great importance to me. Even someone who holds so many wrong views like Konstantin Meyl, demonstrated that using a power amplifier and a signal generator, one can transmit through the Aether electrical energy , without the use of a single wire. Think about an installation such as the ''Apparatus for transmission of electrical energy'' of Dr.Tesla, attaching a power stage of millions of watts, what we will be able to do. Power up space ships and entire cities with energy and the distribution system will be 100% immaterial. The Aether is immaterial. The only problem is that we don't have a power stage of millions of watts yet... and i profoundly doubt that the Government of USA will just stay with it's hands in it's pockets and let us play with such technologies. Hell, the death of John Bedini and his brother might have been an assassination.
Experiments have to be made, that's for sure. A flat spiral trafo. has two frequencies of resonance. At one of them, electricity goes through a wire or ground. At the other, if one has a power stage, from the transmitter to the receiver, electrical energy goes through the Aether in the form of a perturbation of longitudinal nature with instantaneous propagation. This small argument has a lot of weight and power in the scientific world. But nowadays ''scientists'' are a little more than apes with stone brains. Too bad, too bad. I'am really sorry.

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