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In truth now, the flat spiral transformers are very good when you put a HF power amplifier and a signal generator. Then you go full wireless. The bigger the power stage, the better.
Nowadays we have not the technology to create massive power stages in the range of many millions of watts for those types of transformers. Humanity has a very poor education and an even poorer understanding of science. Not in vain prof. Dr. Dollard spent 10 years on the streets, homeless.
The HF transformer with resonator which many beliieve to be the Magnifying Transmitter (and which is not) i think works just like i said above: a frequency generator followed by a voltage amplifier, followed by a power amplifier of many megawatts. A power amplifier that can output many thousands of volts at hundreds of amps current and a proper waveform, probably a square wave will be the best. Then and only then we will be able to supply with electricity even a plane or, better, a spaceship or reasonable size, when the flying vehicle will have a receiver on board. Dr. Dollard should immediately look into this and pour his mathematical understanding into such a project.

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